Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to use Reverse Psychology

Using reverse psychology effectively can help a person in their love life, career, and personal interactions. I've used it from time to time especially when I'm single, but some very crafty manipulators use this tactic all the time. Just to make this clear, I'm only advocating using this technique for good reasons. A lot of sleezy guys use it to get a girl to come home with them, and so now you can also be able to identify when it's used against you! Make sure if you do already use reverse psychology or plan to that you don't overuse it because people will catch on!

Definition: Reverse psychology is saying/suggesting the opposite of the actual desired behavior you want from a person.  

Reverse psychology works for many reasons: 
first -  it makes the opposite of the suggestion more desirable because it's not available
second - the power of suggestion works best when our brain registers something it supposedly 'cannot' have
third - people naturally become the devil's advocate, and start thinking about the item/suggestion/thing that is off the table
fourth - reverse psychology can give the illusion that something/someone is rare or special
fifth - victims of reverse psychology get the illusion they are the one calling the shots
sixth - makes people feel comfortable and not feel pressured into making a decision

Most likely your parents used reverse psychology on you as a child and probably as a teenager. Looking back, my mom would cleverly convince me not to go to high school parties by saying things like, 'hmmm well okay if you don't want to do well on your test next week and spend it camping that's fine with me'. She used guilt and reverse psychology!
Some examples I thought of: 
1. The Lion King when Scar uses reverse psychology to trick Simba into going to the elephant graveyard!
2. The show, Storage Wars, one of the characters uses reverse psychology all the time to either pretend he wants to buy a certain storage unit or that he isn't interested. 

Guys will use this on girls here are some example conversations:

Girl: 'I'm sorry I'm just not ready to go home with you'
Guy: 'That's totally fine I want to take this slow I'm not ready to go any further'

Girl: 'I just got out of a 2 year relationship, I'm not ready to date'
Guy: 'I'm not even looking to hook-up, I'm just looking to make friends'

Other reverse psychology lines guys use on a girl:

'I'm not sure how I feel about you'
'I don't want to sleep with you'
'You don't want to date me'
'There's no way you'd be okay with me ______ '  - fill in the blank
'I don't want to go to guys night, I want to spend tonight with you'

So ways you can use reverse psychology to your advantage
1. When a person is on the fence about something
2. Your crush is a player
3. Your parents or siblings would never willingly do it
4. You really don't want to do something at work and there's a co-worker who might help 
5. You're trying to sell something
6. Your crush is starting to lose interest
7. Get your boyfriend to do things for you :)

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the images from Yahoo*


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