Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Blues

Has something really good happened to you and you just don't know how to celebrate? You ace a test, get asked out by your crush, get a spontaneous raise, and etc but then you think to yourself 'now what'? Our society sanctions overt happiness being celebrated with a few alcoholic beverages. Cause what it's not okay to jump around like a little girl and kick up your heels unless you have Captain Morgan to back you up?

 I wish things in life could be like the end of a race or marathon. There are people there to cheer and you can scream 'I'm the King of the world'. Be a complete dork and bask in the glory of your success.

When something really good happens I call my Mom cause I can gloat and brag and she gets happier and happier. Then there are friends too, but sometimes they just don't get as pumped up as you are about it. So, what then? It's almost like the New Years Eve feeling you get. You know the one where it's supposed to be such an amazing night but if it's a normal party it feels incredibly lame.

My point is when I get really excited but then don't know how to express it it can turn into a real downer fast. And every time I don't celebrate my happiness to the fullest I think back to when I was going to Junior High in California.

It was the the last day of school, the older kids on the bus started handing notebooks and books to everyone. The bus driver was either quitting or just incredibly stupid because he let us throw paper and books out the windows the whole bus ride. Pushing my head out the window and throwing the leaflets out into the wind while watching all the hundreds of paper dance together behind a screaming hoard of kids felt like the perfect celebration!

So, I'm going to let the kid inside me take over for this cause of celebration. There will be screaming, maybe stuff flying, and definitely partying!


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