Monday, April 30, 2012

You're turning into an old married couple if....

This list is slap stick humor about people in long term 'dating' relationships not actual married couples. Please enjoy :)

1. Your pet or plant has become your pseudo-child
2. His accomplishments are your accomplishments: 'We caught a 40 pounder!!!'
3. Staying out after midnight is just exhausting or reserved for ladies/guys nights
4. You seek out other couples to befriend - and can be super creepy towards ones you really like ahaha
5. Your boyfriend is now able to judge if an outfit looks good or not and you've improved his wardrobe
6. You avoid going into furniture or home decor stores because it's become more attractive than new kitten heels and you don't want to spend the money
7. You've been asked to register at a department store when the two of you were just browsing
8. An attractive girl walks by and you point out how hot she is to your man
9. All the sets of Grandparents have a picture of the two of you hanging on their fridge
10. You drink wine more together
11. Shopping is the same as going out
12. You bore people with stories about your pseudo-child
13. Your friends have his phone number so that they can actually get ahold of you
14. Before you make plans you check with your mate
15. You talk about the weirdest things together and love every minute of it
16. Road trips feel like a honeymoon
17. The pictures you take together seem to show evidence that your faces have morphed to look more like each other
18. Staying in and playing cards with friends is preferred over a kegger
19. You fight over who pays the check on a date
20. You've started playing Call of Duty and he listens to you reading Cosmo
21. Your source of gossip has greatly diminished so you try getting juice through your boyfriend's friends
22. The two of you have a five year plan which involves bachelor based ideas mixed with domestic ones example (travel the world going back packing...with our twin boys with plaid overalls)
23. Love ya becomes the sign-off to a phone conversation
24. Single people are super entertaining, and you buy them drinks to spill the details
25. Holidays become competitive to surprise the other person the most
26. Marriage sounds like a piece of paper at times to the two of you
27. You watch the Food Network more
28. When you were filing your taxes you hesitated at single...where is the relationship box? haha
29. He's the first person you tell when something hilarious or strange happens
30. Your bucket list is now a joint bucket list
31. The two of you watch an embarrassing show together that you would never admit to anyone else

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the image from Yahoo*

Happy Monday :)


  1. #13 is actually backwards for me and my boyfriend, ha!

    - Angela Marie @ http://sunkissedivory.blogspot.com

    1. Haha that's funny! Good catch it can definitely go either way :)

  2. Awwww... :) Reminds me of my Grandma on #1 Lovely post :)

    Jewel Clicks

    1. Thanks! yep i think i have more in common with my grandmas now haha

  3. baha, this made me laugh. My boyfriend and I have been dating six years and are guilty of most things on this list. Lovely post! <3