Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What We Really Think of Your Wedding

Community celebrations and family/friend reunions have drastically dwindled even in the face of wireless communication and advances in transportation. So today, weddings not only tie two people together but 'coerce' people to drop their work responsibilities/never ending excuses/hectic lives to come together. Weddings are better at bringing people together than high school reunions, birthdays, and funerals. Therefore, it's crucial for brides and grooms to put on a great wedding.

Weddings aren't just a time for celebration and memories but also a place for the event/couple evaluation. Like any social function, the hosts have the chance to show-off and gloat but also place themselves in the spotlight for scrutiny. And the sharpest critics in the crowd will be the unmarried women. Weddings bring an array of mixed feelings for them, and it all depends on the atmosphere of the event coupled with their current situation. But the bride and groom shouldn't feel overly self-conscious because people are also judging themselves at weddings. Weddings bring hidden feelings and thoughts to the forefront for unmarried women. So, this post is dedicated to all the unmarried women who participate/attend weddings and the ups and downs the celebration will bring!

What 20/30 something unmarried women are thinking about YOU and your wedding

1. If you're going to have a cheap wedding...elope or get married in Vegas. I'm going to have to order pizza and wine after this
2. The dress (does she look amazing or totally wrong)
3. This place is full of OLD PEOPLE - what the heck- why did I buy new shoes
4. Why wasn't I a bridesmaid? She picked her, really??!!!
5. One less friend to go hit the town with
6. She's/he's not even that GREAT!!!
7. Drinking orange juice, this is a Shotgun wedding! 
8. Never thought she would fall for a guy like him
9. Man why couldn't she have married a guy with hot friends
10. Wow can't believe she's throwing her career/ambitions away
11. I'm going to have a much better wedding
12. What they're religious? 
13. She's so pretty...I need to start working out and eating right
14. Oh sure the world revolves around getting the two of you hitched
15. Wow how much money did they spend on this wedding?
16. Her whole family is full of gorgeous people. Jealous all their pictures are going to be perfect
17. You're creepy uncle keeps watching me
18. You're a bridesmaid not a celebrity
19. I need to marry a rich man too...
20. Cheap champagne
21. Who was the wedding planner? I need their number
22. Photographers get out of my face!!
23. She better not fall off the map now that she's married
24. This is the BEST WEDDING EVER
25. They are perfect for each other

What she reflects about in this situation...
1. Ideas for their future wedding (flower arrangements, cake, gown, guest book, etc)
2. One less man in the dating pool gone FOREVER
3. Comparing her dating situation with the current 'fairytale' before her eyes (either she sees her jerk in a new light or her singledom as less attractive)
4. Apartment presents (perfect way to get all her dream dishes and kitchen appliances)
5. Reanalyzes her life (I still live with roommates/stuck in an internship/hasn't been on a vacation in years)
6. Romance is still alive, there's hope for me
7. My bf/fiance better be as sweet at my wedding as this groom!
8. Ex-boyfriend alert; dance with the hottest guy here
9. Ah yeah, I'm the hottest bridesmaid - this is my night
10. Where's my Mr. Big?
11. Umm I barely made it here on time; I'm definitely not ready to get married
12. Aw guys do have feelings
13. Stop trying to match me with a guy; I'm single not pathetic
14. That little girl better not get in my way of catching the bouquet
15. My grandma/grandpa will never see me get married
16. The only day out of the year, (besides Valentine's Day), people try making you feel bad for being single
17. Yes I'm successful and happy
18. I'm getting old!!!
19. I don't need a man I need another piece of the cake
20. She better help me at my wedding as much as I helped her
21. I don't know what to say for my speech at the reception
22. Totally worth dieting for two months prior
23. The bridesmaid dress makes me look fat in photos
24. Half the groomsmen are married...what the heck
25. I'll never find my Mr. Right!

How to make a 20/30 something woman love and enjoy YOUR wedding
1. Don't put your single girlfriends at the 'all singles table'. Mix them in with other tables. Otherwise they will feel singled out. 
2. Invite an array of age groups 
3. Put extra time into making the venue look spectacular. The place and atmosphere of the reception can be the reason for a flop or a hit
4. Organize group pictures with college/high school friends. That way they won't feel left out compared to the focus on family members
5. Try introducing people at the wedding to each other as much as possible. Especially those who only know a few people
6. Have a lot of food and alcohol. The worst thing that can happen is having leftovers!
7. Set up a table with pictures of you(bride and groom) with friends and family that are attending. That way it's not only about you and your husband but also about your relationships to the people in your life
8. Make sure everyone feels appreciated for traveling to your wedding and getting you a gift (no matter how little they spent on you)
9. Have a fun bachelorette party (don't need to go crazy but don't act like you're a nun)

*no sources were used in the making of this post, pictures from Yahoo*


  1. OOOh this used to be me, the thirty something thinking of all this at an endless string of weddings. Then I got married and we had so many single friends between the two of us, mainly girls, that that was top of my mind, I really didn't want anyone feel uncomfortable and wanted to let everyone know that this was their party too as, hadn't they got us through thick and thin thanks to their friendship, we would have never got married in the first place. Everyone seemed to have a really fun time.

    1. Wow you seem like you were the perfect bride at your wedding! I'm so glad you emphasized your friendships during the whole event :)