Friday, May 4, 2012

Are you one of 'Those Couples'...

Everyone strives to find the perfect person to spend eternity with but along the way there are the ones that didn't make the cut. No one notices more when a relationship is headed for the rocks than your friends. Your best friends will stick with you through 'thick and thin' or as I like to say through 'Dick and Ben'. But we're human, and we can't help but get irritated and sometimes downright angry at the shenanigans pulled in the not-so-perfect relationships. So, this is a tribute to the couples that drive everyone bananas.

1. MIA couple - This couple falls off the face of the Earth when they fall in love. You are glad your friend/family member is happy in their relationship, but do they really have to deport themselves to relationship island? MIA couples will strongly defend their lack of interest or time with their friends, which just causes more problems. These couples are horrible at responding to texts or answering calls, (guess they don't get service in paradise). Unfortunately, most couples that fall in this category are serial MIA participants. It's not healthy to become completely consumed with your significant other. It's essential to keep and maintain relationships with friends and have activities that don't involve your sweetie.

      - how to fix it: Designate one day out of the week to do an activity alone and or spend time with your friends. Respond to texts/calls when you get it, don't ignore them if you are a few hours or days late. Initiate communication with your friends, cause they are sick of doing all the work!

2. Hot Mess couple - This couple is glamorized in the media and on TV. They keep their 'spark' alive by getting involved in drama, fighting and making up, jealously, and pushing each other's buttons. Hot Mess couples believe that fighting strengthens their bond and keeps things interesting. They don't want a comfortable relationship; they want to have the sense of a challenge and a chase. These couples are the reason the party got interrupted, the group got kicked out of the bar, everyone missed the football game, chasing your friend through the streets, consoling her in the bathroom, yell and attack her boyfriend, and so on. No matter how much the drama/fighting escalates, these couples will act like everything is fine the next morning. Jersey shore is now only a call away with friends that fall in this category.
         - how to fix it: Keep the fighting and drama under wraps in public settings. Don't involve your friends in the drama/fighting unless you truly need them. Find healthy ways to keep things interesting in your relationship like join a club sport together, go on a road trip, and or take up a new hobby.

3. PDA couple - These couples are usually new couples but that doesn't mean they don't bug the heck out of everyone. They love displaying their happiness in public by putting on an R-rated show for everyone to see. Don't make the mistake of going on a double date with this couple because they will make even the toughest of couples feel uncomfortable and awkward. Yes we get it, you guys are crazy about each other but you are making everyone feel like they are watching a porn in action.
      - how to fix it: Keep your affection to holding hands, sweet pecks, and hugging. Everything else will cause people to avoid your company or creepy old men to watch and stare. Send sexy texts that only your lover can see, and so you can keep the fun going without other people having to watch.

4. Dysfunctional couple - This couple clearly is just living in hell. Things aren't working out but they continue dating. Their friends advise them to take a break, but they never seem to listen. It's the hardest one for friends to have to deal with. This couple causes emotional stress for everyone involved.

       -how to fix it: Get help or get out. Either get therapy or find the courage to split up. Don't involve your friends anymore than is necessary.

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the pictures from Yahoo images*


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  2. Don't forget the couple that turns into one entity. They do everything together...

    - Angela Marie @ http://sunkissedivory.blogspot.com

    1. Haha yeah totally forgot about those ones

  3. very interesting post, and good tips. I'd certanly try some of them out :)

    nice blog, I'm following you now

  4. I love the first set of couples at least they don't freak us out and we can be happy that they are having a good time even if that means we don't see them around, the only next thing you could live with is the steaming PDA's and their R-rated shows at least you can be happy about that they are getting at it then and there!

    1. Yeah the first couple is definitely the easiest to deal with! But when it's your best friend or sister/brother you miss them