Monday, May 21, 2012

Staying Clear of Summer Relationship Fizzle

CRAZY statistics that prove everyone's fears about certain times of the year for break-ups! I found an amazing website, mathiasmikkelsen, which displayed data from 10,000 facebook relationship status updates. The data could be argued to be skewed since it only takes into account facebook users, but it's still quite intriguing. I would love to see some more statistical analysis done on this subject!
The data above shows that:
1. Most breakups are spring break and right before the winter holidays
2. Christmas is the lowest day of break-ups! Well THANK goodness
3. Peaks in June and July
4. April Fool's Day. BUT facebookers were probably pulling pranks
5. Weeks leading up to Valentine's Day and the Day itself have high rates
6. Mondays are the most typical day of the week for a break-up to be announced
7. Low months are August, September, and October

So, I wrote this post because I'm newly embarking on a long distance relationship AND the summer months are approaching. Why do the summer months bring an upswing of break-ups and how does one avoid it?

Reasons for Summer Fizzle
1. Couples being apart in the summer months (school year is over and or summer job takes a person somewhere new)
2. More options are visible (meeting new people, guys with their shirts off, girls in bikinis)
3. Being single becomes more attractive (vacations, summer activities, parties)
4. Less fear of being alone (people are not isolated or housebound anymore, friends/family are more available)
5. Wedding Season (couples 'realistically or unrealistically' comparing themselves to the idealized married love-birds)

How to Beat the Statistics
1. Having a strong relationship going into the summer months is important. If there are any pressing issues talk about them! Discuss how to work through being apart in the summer, make a plan, and be supportive of each other.

2. Give your bf/gf some space/freedom. Let them go camping the the guys or go party with the girls. Holding them back may push them over the edge to throw you overboard.

3. Do summer activities together. Organize a camping trip with friends, hike to a hotsprings, buy tickets to a concert, go boating, and etc. Make your summer more fun than as it was when you were single.

4. Get into shape! Being in a relationship sometimes means gaining a few extra pounds instead of hitting the gym when you were single. Change that and make yourself look good for your lover. He/she will love showing you off at the bonfire!

5. Make special memories. Don't skimp on doing romantic things because routines have changed. Best part of the summer are the endless amounts of activities and adventures that can be experienced! Swim in the dark alone, make summer drinks together, gaze at the stars on the dock, cuddle up to the spectacular firework show on 4th of July.

*sources: 'Amazing Facts about Facebook and Break-ups' @ http://mathiasmikkelsen.com and yahoo images*


  1. interesting facts but as you said, this may be a little bit inaccurate because it only came from a single source.

    I'll take note of your suggestions in how to beat the statistics once I get a girlfriend of my own. LOL!


  2. Thanks guys!
    Ers - Take advantage of the summer in finding a girl :)