Monday, April 30, 2012

You're turning into an old married couple if....

This list is slap stick humor about people in long term 'dating' relationships not actual married couples. Please enjoy :)

1. Your pet or plant has become your pseudo-child
2. His accomplishments are your accomplishments: 'We caught a 40 pounder!!!'
3. Staying out after midnight is just exhausting or reserved for ladies/guys nights
4. You seek out other couples to befriend - and can be super creepy towards ones you really like ahaha
5. Your boyfriend is now able to judge if an outfit looks good or not and you've improved his wardrobe
6. You avoid going into furniture or home decor stores because it's become more attractive than new kitten heels and you don't want to spend the money
7. You've been asked to register at a department store when the two of you were just browsing
8. An attractive girl walks by and you point out how hot she is to your man
9. All the sets of Grandparents have a picture of the two of you hanging on their fridge
10. You drink wine more together
11. Shopping is the same as going out
12. You bore people with stories about your pseudo-child
13. Your friends have his phone number so that they can actually get ahold of you
14. Before you make plans you check with your mate
15. You talk about the weirdest things together and love every minute of it
16. Road trips feel like a honeymoon
17. The pictures you take together seem to show evidence that your faces have morphed to look more like each other
18. Staying in and playing cards with friends is preferred over a kegger
19. You fight over who pays the check on a date
20. You've started playing Call of Duty and he listens to you reading Cosmo
21. Your source of gossip has greatly diminished so you try getting juice through your boyfriend's friends
22. The two of you have a five year plan which involves bachelor based ideas mixed with domestic ones example (travel the world going back packing...with our twin boys with plaid overalls)
23. Love ya becomes the sign-off to a phone conversation
24. Single people are super entertaining, and you buy them drinks to spill the details
25. Holidays become competitive to surprise the other person the most
26. Marriage sounds like a piece of paper at times to the two of you
27. You watch the Food Network more
28. When you were filing your taxes you hesitated at single...where is the relationship box? haha
29. He's the first person you tell when something hilarious or strange happens
30. Your bucket list is now a joint bucket list
31. The two of you watch an embarrassing show together that you would never admit to anyone else

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the image from Yahoo*

Happy Monday :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Disney Curse?

Child stars seem doomed to self implode once they get into their young adulthood. But more impressive is the track record Disney has for changing innocent little stars into full-blown adult nightmares. The real culprit in corrupting child stars is dealing with fortune and fame at such a young age. Every thing they do gets slapped on the news, good and bad, and that can do a lot of harm to a developing teen. Unfortunately, pushy parents all over the country are willing to risk the welfare of their children for the opportunity of making money. The evidence shows that being in the spotlight at such a young age isn't healthy, but there are no organizations or groups coming out to protect these minors. The best solution would be putting age limits for actors and actresses. But young tween actors produce so much money for big corporations it would be a hard battle to fight. Here is just a small list of the harm done to children for being on the silver screen.

*Post is a collaboration of sources*

1. Lindsay Lohan. The cute red-head got her start playing in The Parent Trap as both twins at the young age of eleven. And then she landed leading roles in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded. But early into her twenties the downward spiral began: ongoing heavy partying, late arrivals and absences to jobs, rehab before a DUI, first DUI, rehab again, second DUI, rehab again, monitor bracelet issued by court, felony and misdemeanor charges for possession of cocaine,  rehab again, and jail time.

2. Britney Spears. She got her original start starring in the Mickey Mouse Club and then went on to become a pop icon in the 1990s. Things seemed so promising for awhile but then: quick marriage in Vegas, shaving her head, and Kevin Federline (haha).

3. Miley Cyrus. She's a double sized ticking bomb because she's the offspring of a Hollywood star and had her own hit show Hannah Montana. She's still in the beginnings of her spiral but here's just the first few events: partial naked photos with her dad, video of her smoking saliva, and 9 tattoos already!

4. Jamie Spears. Mrs. Spears should be voted worst mom of the century. Her daughter starred in Disney shows All That and Zoey 101 and then got pregnant at 16!!! She should've been the star of the show 16 and Pregnant.

5. Vanessa Hudgens. Disney star in High School Musical. Her naked photos were leaked out to the public and she apologized, then two years later new topless pictures circled the net, and more recently has been sued by multiple parties for un-payment and breach of contract.

6. Amanda Bynes. Disney star in All That and The Amanda Show was recently charged with a DUI and rumored to be partying too hard.

7. Demi Lovato. She starred as Sonny in the Disney show Sonny with a Chance and a movie Princess Protection in 2009. Demi went on to become a billboard top artist and was about to tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2010, when she had to admit herself into rehab. In an Interview with ABC, she admitted to suffering from bulimia, cutting herself, and self medicating with drugs.

And other child stars gone BAD

1. Dana Plato. Kimberly Drummond in Different Strokes tried to rob a video store at gunpoint and then later died after an overdose of drugs.

2. Corey Haim. Canadian 80s teen starred in The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet, Lucas, and License to Drive died of drug overdose at age 38.

3. Brian Bonsall. Played youngest child, Andy, in Family Ties was found guilty to assault and then later was charged in marijuana possession.

4. Gary Coleman. Breakout child star played Arnold Jackson in Different strokes was charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and then arrested for domestic violence.

5. Jodi Sweetin. Played Stephanie Tanner in television show Full House. In an interview she has admitted to using meth, cocaine, and ectasy.

6. Corey Feldman. Huge 80s teen star played in multiple hit movies such as Friday the 13th, The Goonies, The Lost Boys, License to Drive, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He has admitted to being addicted to heroin and cocaine.

7. Danielle Fishel. Played Topanga in Boy Meets World was charged with a DUI.

8. Dustin Diamond. Best known for playing 'Screech' in Saved by the Bell released his own sex tape in 2006 titled 'Screeched - Saved by the Smell'. Both sad and funny.

9. Michael Jackson. No description necessary!

10. Macaulay Culkin. Child star best know role in Home Alone. He got married at age 18, then divorced three years later, and was arrested in 2004 for possession of marijuana and other drugs.

sources: US weekly 'Stars gone bad' and Hatchmagazine

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#1 Cardinal Rule in Dating

The world is changing but unfortunately men have not! Don't be fooled into believing that because women are equals in society means that the rules of dating have changed. The biggest and most important rule that has been true since we swung in trees, is let the men be the pursuer. I know it's not really fair, our society should be progressive enough for women to chase after men. 

Reasons why women should let men pursue 

1. The pursuer falls for the other person faster. We all have experienced this phenomenon when we become interested in a guy and chase, and the harder we work to get his attention the more we want him. The funny thing is once a person gets locked into chasing they become attracted because of the challenge and intrigue more than the qualities of the person. So, put this to your advantage and make your crush work for you instead of you work for him.

2. Men want to catch the big fish. It's elementary and childish but extremely true. A man wants nothing more than to have something that other people will be envious about. Be that an expensive car, high paying job, and or a special woman. If the chase to the prize is too easy, a guy will instinctively believe that the fish he caught is actually a minnow. A woman is like a club! Women spend thousands of dollars on shoes, make-up, jewelry, spas, nails, and so on. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to look pretty every day. There are some clubs which let everyone in for free without restrictions or payment. And then there are the swanky and highly sought after clubs that everyone wants to be apart of but only select few get in.

Not all women leave the chase up to the man. But that makes it easier for the rest of us to bait a successful man. Let other woman make the mistake of being too forward and seeming too desperate. Letting the man pursue you and making him work for your heart/attention/love/time makes the thrill of winning you all the more sweeter. The beauty about being pursued is that you get to choose and thus you have the power. 

It's easy to attract a guy but the art of holding his attention is much harder

The Little Black Book of Being Pursued 

1. He initiates all calls and texts for the first 3 weeks! No exceptions! Not even if your Grandma dies!!!

2. Between week 4 and month 3 the ratio of initiated calls can now switch to 1/3. For every three calls or texts he initiates you can initiate one. EVEN if you're exclusive!

3. When you aren't exclusively dating you're allowed to date other men. Even if he's 'your soulmate'. A guy was never scared away because other men were chasing her. It will make him want to secure you faster. BUT don't talk or brag about the other guys.

4. When a guy invites you to a party or get together and you aren't exclusively dating make yourself stand out. Be lively, make new friends. Don't hang on him! 

5. Don't give everything away at once. Let there be mysteries to be discovered. 

6. Have a poker face in the early stages of a relationship. Don't give it away that you're crazy about him just yet. Not until he reveals it first. 

7. Mimic his movements. If he seems to push away, take a few steps back. Girls make the mistake of turning into the pursuer immediately when the guy starts acting aloof. If he likes you he'll come back. If not then well NEXT

8. Because you're the pursued keep your eyes and heart open to how you feel about him. It's your job to see if this guy is worth dating before things get serious. 

9. Make him work around your schedule. Don't drop all your plans with your friends because your recent crush asked you out. If a guy truly likes you he will make time for you. Simple as that. No exceptions. 

10. Don't be won so easily. If he puts a lot of love/attention/affection into you like a part time job then he's falling for you. If he sees you once a week and you make it easy for him then he won't be so smitten. 

11. In the first year of exclusive dating keep a gradual incline of 'firsts' and discoveries. Don't do all the firsts in the first few weeks (first meeting with parents, first party thrown together, first trip, first 'I love you', etc). 

12. It's not about tricking a guy but keeping things interesting long enough for YOU and HIM to figure out if things could work. Taking things slow protects your heart from un-needed heart break and un-deserving jerks. 

*No sources were used in the making of this post except for the images from Yahoo*

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smile Stupid!

Women are expected to show an 'outward' appearance of happiness. I'm talking about smiling. It's at a party, serving cocktails at a summer job, buying groceries, and practically every public setting except for a funeral. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is being asked, 'Is something wrong, why aren't you smiling?' Because of our gender if we don't hold a fake grin or crack a few smiles within a conversation we can be perceived as feeling a negative emotion (sad, mad, irritated, etc). Men can have the luxury of not smiling and not get flak over it.

In an article in the Science Daily, a Yale psychologist, LeFrance, conducted a smiling experiment. He found that the differences in the amount of smiling for men and women was more contrast in America than other countries like England and Australia. In his research, he also discovered that women, more often than men, use a smile to diffuse a tense situation. LeFrance theorizes that smiling is not due to gender differences but differences in social norms of a society.

When I worked as a server through high school and college, that was one of the hardest things to maintain through the night - a smile. Female workers in customer service know this all too well! A male server or a male receptionist would never be expected to hold the barbie grin for hours on end. However, the researcher LeFrance also found that women in high power jobs smiled the same rate as men and that it was socially acceptable. So, there's light at the end of the tunnel! If you make enough money and are the boss of other minions you won't have to smile, but we all know you're grinning on the inside. :)

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the source to support my idea, and the image from Yahoo*

Monday, April 23, 2012

Tips we can learn from 'The Other Woman'

Former Senator John Edwards and the coverup over his mistress and love child, Tiger Woods and his array of porn star lovers, Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky affair, Arnold Schwarzenegger's scandal with his maid and lovechild, Prince Charles and Camilla, and JFK and the sex icon Marilyn Monroe. 

Time and time again the population is shocked by public figures and their scandalous lives with women outside the marriage bed. The more famous the man the more juicy the liaison! It's not a recent phenomenon but is most likely the first gossip cavewomen whispered and scoffed about around the fire!
One only has to peer through history to see the significance of the 'other woman'. Even the bible has some good stories. For example Abraham finally taking Hagar as his mistress at the age of 86 because his wife had not yet conceived a child. This seemingly small fling brought into being the direct descendent of Muslims. Mistresses have also become stuff of legends remember Helen of Troy leaving her husband for the younger and more attractive Paris. And we all know how that story ends. To name a few more Cleopatra (not married but a mistress in her own right), Anne Boleyn (her daughter forever changed England's history 'Elizabeth I'), and King Edward VIII abdicating the throne to marry a many times over divorced American woman Wallis Simpson. 

The mistress has changed roles over the course of our history. Beginning in the 1500s mistresses started moving out of the shadows and into the spotlight of royal courts. Their need in the upper classes came from the fact that most men were not married for love. But today, men of all levels in society can marry for love but the mistress still has her day. 

What tips can a woman take from a mistress? How can a modern day woman captivate her man the way a mistress does? 

1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every successful mistress through history is drop dead gorgeous. Camilla Parks is nothing in comparison to Diana's radiant beauty, but Charles only had eyes for Camilla. When King Edward VIII decided to leave his throne for a woman the main question on everyone's lips was 'she's not pretty enough why does he like her'! Louis the XIV (the sun king) had a gorgeous mistress named Louise Francoise but was replaced by a much lesser beauty (Montespan) who became his most famous and his longest reigning mistress. I could go on and on with examples in history. But my point is, that luckily for us, beauty is only a small role in what brings a man to his knees. :)

2. Intelligence. All the most successful mistresses throughout history, (not the short flings with a love child), but the reigning women were extremely witty and intelligent. A great movie which highlights this point is The Other Boleyn Girl (2008). Although the competition between the two sisters is historically incorrect it helps to show how a smarter and wittier sister beats out a more beautiful but duller counterpart. Education and interest in the arts and sciences has been a foundation for all successful mistresses. So, modern day women should never skimp out on learning and challenging their men academically. 

3. Fashion icon. Mistress Montespan to Louis the XIV bore Louis seven children during her height in power. So, she was practically pregnant for the majority of her (about) 20 year reign. To conceal her belly she wore 'flowy' dresses. They quickly became the new fashion and it was copied by all of France. Kate Middleton isn't a mistress but she's a great example of how a leading lady becomes a fashion beacon. So, a modern day woman should become an expert at dressing their body type and finding ways to show a unique sense of style.

4. Companionship. Mistresses create a special bond of friendship with their mates. It's not just their sexiness that keeps their men attached. If beauty was the only thing tying a man to a woman once a new beautiful woman walks by all would be lost. But with the successful mistresses, Angelia Jolie or Megan Foxx could walk by and he would still stick with his lady. Instead, it's the woman's ability to become an expert on her love. Many royal biographers documented how a prince or king found refugee with his mistress when he was upset or needed some entertainment. A mistress knew how to best accommodate to his every mood and how to be his best friend. However! Successful mistresses were not submissive, but in fact the majority were the king's equal and some had a more dominant personality. Don't make the mistake of being a bowing servant when you should be a strong independent woman. Men want a woman who can stand up to them not one they can stand on top of!!!

5. Fun. Every mistress knows how to make her man laugh and also knows how to throw a great party. She became irreplaceable to her king because she knew how to stir things up and create joy and fun in his life. Louis XV's mistress Madame de Pompadour was only replaced by her 20 year reign when she died. Pompadour grew strawberries in the winter for her king and would on many occasions perform a private play or hire a band to entertain him in her chambers. He was known to always wonder what Pompadour had up her sleeve and would be happy when the affairs of state were completed so he could be with his love. So, a modern day woman should find new and exciting things to do with her man. Some examples: take up a pottery class together, send him a hilarious text out of nowhere, and surprise him whenever you get the chance. 

If history and mistresses intrigue you I strongly suggest reading Sex with Kings. It's one of my favorite books!

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the examples from my source to support my ideas, and the images from Yahoo*

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedding Season Predictions

It's wedding season again! What will be the new trends and fashions? I'm not a fashion expert (at all), but this year I'm able to predict what we can all expect by looking at the crystal fashion ball now called Kate Middleton. :)

When Grace Kelly and Princess Diana got married they shaped the fashion of wedding dresses in their time. I only have to glance at the puffy sleeves in my Mom's wedding picture to see the influence. Kate Middleton got married last April and only months later she is making obvious waves in the wedding fashion world. Take a look at this!!

1. White bridesmaid dresses or (lighter shades). As I was researching celebrity weddings after the royal wedding I was not surprised to find Kim Kardashian was so original and had her sisters in white. She made quick work to follow in line with the royal couple. Gag!

If you're cringing a little at this don't worry so am I. Another celebrity example of Kate Middleton's influence is Jessica Simpson. Again cringe! 
2. A bigger hoard of little kids. It was so precious seeing all the kids being herded around by momma hen Pippa at the precession at the royal wedding. Check out this picture from Kate Moss wedding only a few months after the royal wedding! 

Oh celebrities, they totally come up with their ideas on their own! But I have to admit this picture of Kate Moss is really adorable. 

3. The Ring! Kate Middleton's ring is the late Princess Diana's ring. 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire. It was about 30,000 Euros at the time it was purchased. One only has to type in Kate Middleton engagement ring for millions of replications to pop up on web searches. 

4. More conservative dresses (straps, sleeves, off-white color, and lace). According to a few articles Kate's dress choice was strongly influenced by Grace Kelly and comparing the two it's easy to see! Kate's choose is definitely more conservative than most dresses we see today. 

However, I think veering away from having stores full of strapless wedding dresses would be beneficial. Only some girls can pull off a strapless dress and look good. I would never look good in a strapless dress! Straps and sleeves are very flattering for all body types! I hope that the off (antique)-white color becomes popular again because it's so much prettier than the blinding synthetic white. 

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the photos of celebrities to support my ideas, and a few images from Yahoo*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eight Relationship Styles of OUR generation

This post is dedicated to my sorority sisters and all girls who love to find trends in social interactions. This post is purely for fun and based on people I know or have known :)

1. The Friend Finder: A girl who falls for her friends. She is unlikely to be swept away by a new boy or someone who actively pursues her. Her heart takes longer to win over because she must first consider her potential man to be her best friend. Friend finders are really patient in finding love because they tend to be very mature and know who they are and what they want. Their relationships last long because they are excellent at picking out a perfect mate. Friend finders can easily be spotted by their very identical counterpart. Friend finders love taking up the hobby of becoming a match maker for their girl friends. They make the best of friends to girls but can not always understand the struggles other girls have with men haha (or why girls fall for bad boys and the such)!
             pros: They have very successful relationships and avoid the ups and downs of causal dating
             cons: They skip out on the highs of relationships (the challenge, intrigue, mystery, etc) 
             don't confuse her with: Plus One or Little Wife

2. CEO hunter: This girl pursues the alpha male. In high school it was the quarterback, in college the hot fraternity guy, and 'now' the business executive. Every girl lusts after the alpha male but it's the CEO hunter who knows time and again how to get her man. She craves the lifestyle and glory that comes from having her arm attached to a very sought after man. She can attribute her success to her intelligence, good looks, and magnetic personality. She's ambitious and cunning. But her success causes jealously amongst other girls. Her pick of guys sets her up for a few heart breaks along the way. And every CEO hunter is always looking over her shoulder for another CEO hunter right behind her. A CEO hunter is not the most reliable friend but if you are in her close circle she is strongly loyal.
             pros: She values confidence, ambition, and success in a mate. She has a dominant personality  
             cons: heartbreaks come with the territory, her reign can be short lived, and she misses out on finding a soul mate
             don't confuse her with: She's the Man or The Princess

3. Bad Boy Bait: Ah yes this one is the easiest understood and for most of us a phase in high school and or college. But there are girls who never graduate from this relationship style. Bad boy bait frustrate Friend Finders the most because again and again they set themselves up for heartbreak. Bad boys attract girls because they are mysterious, intriguing, and on the surface seem confident. I'd rather not go into psychologically why girls get trapped in this one. But most times a girl stuck in this style after her twenties needs to see a therapist to break the cycle. Don't try setting a Bad Boy Bait up with a nice guy it will never work!! The best thing you can do with a friend in this style is be supportive. Most girls will phase in and out of this style because well umm bad boys from time to time can be the perfect 'medicine'.
            pros: The highs in the relationship are really high, they fulfill some 'unknown' need
            cons: I don't need to fill this out every girl can list a page full
            example: the most common relationship style for celebrities

4. Old Shoe: This girl likes the highs of the beginning of a relationship and gets easily bored once things get comfortable. This style happens because of immaturity and light heartedness. This girl is relatively confident and does not easily attach to boys. She's easily spotted as the girl who seems to phase in and out of relationships with relative ease and may dump a guy over relatively small reasons (or a new guy came along). However, once this girl falls for a guy (for real) she is no longer an Old Shoe. That's the cure for Old Shoe style - falling in love. Guys are very intrigued with these girls cause they are a challenge. They make for a hilarious friend but don't make the mistake of setting up your guy friend with her!! Late bloomers may be in the stage almost all the way through college. But most girls may literally be in this stage for a month and then never again. When a girl finds herself newly single after a bad break up it's really beneficial to tap into the Old Shoe from the past. It's a sure magnet for guys.
            pros: ego boosting casual relationships and no attachment
            cons: only if a girl is stuck in this for too long
            don't confuse her with: She's the Man or The Princess

5. She's the Man: This is the girl who is confident in herself even in dry spells. She has no problem attracting all different types of guys. She will never be labeled a crazy ex-girlfriend (unless the guy is bitter that she slipped through his fingers). She's confident, mature, lively, lovable, and loads of fun. This style is the most common style girls have. She knows what she wants and who she is and she never has to be the pursuer. She's comfortable in both serious and casual relationships. She takes life as it comes to her. A bad heartbreak or a few bumps in the road can move a girl in this style to another one over night. But once a person has been in this style it just takes some self reflection and alteration to be back in the game.
            pros: endless
            cons: none
            example: Carrie Bradshaw (for the majority of episodes) 

6. Plus One: This is the girl who always needs a boyfriend. When things are starting to fall apart with her current boyfriend she will start actively seeking out a replacement. Being single is the scariest thing for a Plus One and will be avoided at all costs even dating someone they don't really like. A Plus One will put the needs of her boyfriend before her friends and family on occasion. She feels superior and confident when she has a boyfriend and things are going well. Her self worth is unnaturally tied to how she feels in her current relationship. At a quick glance she will appear to be Friend Finder but after a few years of being friends the evidence stacks up against it. There is a lot of drama tied to a friend in this style and can wear out her friends quickly. Some psychology 101 information, people with anxious attachment styles will develop Plus One relationship style.
          cons: hard time finding a good match, confidence tied to relationship       
          don't confuse with: Friend Finder or The Princess or Little Wife

7. The Princess: This is the girl who needs to be doted on by her significant other. She likes being the dominant person in the relationship and dating a more submissive guy. She enjoys the comfort in having a faithful and loyal companion. She will get what she wants from her guys and she knows how to get it. Typical labels guys will slap on The Princess are controlling and 'witch'. However, don't be fooled The Princess can be very irresistible to some guys (from successful guys to bad boys). Every girl can tap into their inner 'princess' attitude from time to time. The key difference is what The Princess wants in a mate. It's easy to spot The Princess when she tows around a man that doesn't have her bark or her bite :)
          pros: She doesn't get her heart broken very often or did in the past and turned into The Princess.
She has control in her relationship
          cons: She misses out on having a relationship with an equal
          example: Regina George from Mean Girls! You know you laughed :) 

8. Little Wife: This girl needs a serious relationship. Once she knows she really likes a particular guy she will try securing him fast. She doesn't like being single but she won't date just anyone. Her boyfriend is her whole life and she tends to have few friends because she spends all her time and effort in her relationships. She's easy to spot as the girl who is more comfortable with guys than with other girls. She is not the most popular with other girls because she never follows the golden rule of friendship 'chicks before dicks'. She has a hard time coping when she is single because she doesn't really fit in girlworld. She's also the girl who quickly will change and morph her hobbies and activities to match her target or current boyfriend.
          pros: Avoids ups and downs in casual dating
          cons: Puts all her eggs in one basket 
          don't confuse her with: Friend Finder or Plus One

*No sources were used in the making of this post except for the images from Yahoo*

Friday, April 20, 2012

Online preggo pictures tasteful or distasteful

Now that I'm in my mid-twenties more and more friends from high school and college are getting pregnant. And there's a reason I chose the word 'pregnant' and not baby because people bombard the web with naked preggo pictures!!

No I didn't order a side of naked belly shots with my morning bagel!

What happened to sensors or where is the 'do you agree you are 18 years or older' button to click? Don't think I'm a hater on pregnant women, I think tastefully covered ballooning bellies are very adorable. I don't want to see the naked belly! I blame the 90s for this. The same girls who lifted their shirts to show their piercings or pulled down their pants to show off their tramp stamp are now exposing their belly.

I posed the question to a group of friends. Do you want to see an exposed pregnant picture of your mom. The answer was a resounding NO!! The pregnant pictures aren't for the future baby to admire and say 'aw look that's me!'. It's instead the mothers saying LOOK AT ME! So, make your photos private or better yet send texts to your closer friends instead of a mass wall post. One of my really good friends did the latter, and instead of choking on my bagel I said awww.

*No sources were used in the making of this post*

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The first stir

I used to keep a journal in high school. But it turned into pathetic gossip scribblings and random 'teenage plight' poems. So, I want this blog to be something more. I want to analyze everything from love, life, politics, fashion, and society. This is my first attempt at a blog. Bear with me.