Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wedding Season Predictions

It's wedding season again! What will be the new trends and fashions? I'm not a fashion expert (at all), but this year I'm able to predict what we can all expect by looking at the crystal fashion ball now called Kate Middleton. :)

When Grace Kelly and Princess Diana got married they shaped the fashion of wedding dresses in their time. I only have to glance at the puffy sleeves in my Mom's wedding picture to see the influence. Kate Middleton got married last April and only months later she is making obvious waves in the wedding fashion world. Take a look at this!!

1. White bridesmaid dresses or (lighter shades). As I was researching celebrity weddings after the royal wedding I was not surprised to find Kim Kardashian was so original and had her sisters in white. She made quick work to follow in line with the royal couple. Gag!

If you're cringing a little at this don't worry so am I. Another celebrity example of Kate Middleton's influence is Jessica Simpson. Again cringe! 
2. A bigger hoard of little kids. It was so precious seeing all the kids being herded around by momma hen Pippa at the precession at the royal wedding. Check out this picture from Kate Moss wedding only a few months after the royal wedding! 

Oh celebrities, they totally come up with their ideas on their own! But I have to admit this picture of Kate Moss is really adorable. 

3. The Ring! Kate Middleton's ring is the late Princess Diana's ring. 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire. It was about 30,000 Euros at the time it was purchased. One only has to type in Kate Middleton engagement ring for millions of replications to pop up on web searches. 

4. More conservative dresses (straps, sleeves, off-white color, and lace). According to a few articles Kate's dress choice was strongly influenced by Grace Kelly and comparing the two it's easy to see! Kate's choose is definitely more conservative than most dresses we see today. 

However, I think veering away from having stores full of strapless wedding dresses would be beneficial. Only some girls can pull off a strapless dress and look good. I would never look good in a strapless dress! Straps and sleeves are very flattering for all body types! I hope that the off (antique)-white color becomes popular again because it's so much prettier than the blinding synthetic white. 

*No sources were used in the making of this post except the photos of celebrities to support my ideas, and a few images from Yahoo*


  1. I love Kate's beautiful wedding gown. It has a mixture of elegance and classy look. Thank you for sharing. I like the idea of aggregating the best wedding events. I like Kate Moss's photo too.


  2. Thanks Karen! Yes Kate's wedding dress was astonishingly gorgeous!

  3. Cute Blog :)
    Just a little correction, the photo of Jessica Simpson (who I guess is marrying the father of her children on 4July of this year) was from 2002, she was married to Nick Lachey nine years before the nuptials of William and Catherine. :) I don't even know who the bridesmaids in Jessica's wedding are, she didn't seem to have any friends her age and yet does seem to be surrounded by them. She and her sister both are getting re-married this year so I am curious about their dresses. Even if i can't stand a "star", I have to see the dresses! I am such a fan of Kate's, when we first saw her I thought "She's dressed like Grace!". I love sleeves on a dress, used to think it was just awful but I guess i grew into liking them - or tired of the parade of strapless.

    Have a beautiful day!