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Eight Relationship Styles of OUR generation

This post is dedicated to my sorority sisters and all girls who love to find trends in social interactions. This post is purely for fun and based on people I know or have known :)

1. The Friend Finder: A girl who falls for her friends. She is unlikely to be swept away by a new boy or someone who actively pursues her. Her heart takes longer to win over because she must first consider her potential man to be her best friend. Friend finders are really patient in finding love because they tend to be very mature and know who they are and what they want. Their relationships last long because they are excellent at picking out a perfect mate. Friend finders can easily be spotted by their very identical counterpart. Friend finders love taking up the hobby of becoming a match maker for their girl friends. They make the best of friends to girls but can not always understand the struggles other girls have with men haha (or why girls fall for bad boys and the such)!
             pros: They have very successful relationships and avoid the ups and downs of causal dating
             cons: They skip out on the highs of relationships (the challenge, intrigue, mystery, etc) 
             don't confuse her with: Plus One or Little Wife

2. CEO hunter: This girl pursues the alpha male. In high school it was the quarterback, in college the hot fraternity guy, and 'now' the business executive. Every girl lusts after the alpha male but it's the CEO hunter who knows time and again how to get her man. She craves the lifestyle and glory that comes from having her arm attached to a very sought after man. She can attribute her success to her intelligence, good looks, and magnetic personality. She's ambitious and cunning. But her success causes jealously amongst other girls. Her pick of guys sets her up for a few heart breaks along the way. And every CEO hunter is always looking over her shoulder for another CEO hunter right behind her. A CEO hunter is not the most reliable friend but if you are in her close circle she is strongly loyal.
             pros: She values confidence, ambition, and success in a mate. She has a dominant personality  
             cons: heartbreaks come with the territory, her reign can be short lived, and she misses out on finding a soul mate
             don't confuse her with: She's the Man or The Princess

3. Bad Boy Bait: Ah yes this one is the easiest understood and for most of us a phase in high school and or college. But there are girls who never graduate from this relationship style. Bad boy bait frustrate Friend Finders the most because again and again they set themselves up for heartbreak. Bad boys attract girls because they are mysterious, intriguing, and on the surface seem confident. I'd rather not go into psychologically why girls get trapped in this one. But most times a girl stuck in this style after her twenties needs to see a therapist to break the cycle. Don't try setting a Bad Boy Bait up with a nice guy it will never work!! The best thing you can do with a friend in this style is be supportive. Most girls will phase in and out of this style because well umm bad boys from time to time can be the perfect 'medicine'.
            pros: The highs in the relationship are really high, they fulfill some 'unknown' need
            cons: I don't need to fill this out every girl can list a page full
            example: the most common relationship style for celebrities

4. Old Shoe: This girl likes the highs of the beginning of a relationship and gets easily bored once things get comfortable. This style happens because of immaturity and light heartedness. This girl is relatively confident and does not easily attach to boys. She's easily spotted as the girl who seems to phase in and out of relationships with relative ease and may dump a guy over relatively small reasons (or a new guy came along). However, once this girl falls for a guy (for real) she is no longer an Old Shoe. That's the cure for Old Shoe style - falling in love. Guys are very intrigued with these girls cause they are a challenge. They make for a hilarious friend but don't make the mistake of setting up your guy friend with her!! Late bloomers may be in the stage almost all the way through college. But most girls may literally be in this stage for a month and then never again. When a girl finds herself newly single after a bad break up it's really beneficial to tap into the Old Shoe from the past. It's a sure magnet for guys.
            pros: ego boosting casual relationships and no attachment
            cons: only if a girl is stuck in this for too long
            don't confuse her with: She's the Man or The Princess

5. She's the Man: This is the girl who is confident in herself even in dry spells. She has no problem attracting all different types of guys. She will never be labeled a crazy ex-girlfriend (unless the guy is bitter that she slipped through his fingers). She's confident, mature, lively, lovable, and loads of fun. This style is the most common style girls have. She knows what she wants and who she is and she never has to be the pursuer. She's comfortable in both serious and casual relationships. She takes life as it comes to her. A bad heartbreak or a few bumps in the road can move a girl in this style to another one over night. But once a person has been in this style it just takes some self reflection and alteration to be back in the game.
            pros: endless
            cons: none
            example: Carrie Bradshaw (for the majority of episodes) 

6. Plus One: This is the girl who always needs a boyfriend. When things are starting to fall apart with her current boyfriend she will start actively seeking out a replacement. Being single is the scariest thing for a Plus One and will be avoided at all costs even dating someone they don't really like. A Plus One will put the needs of her boyfriend before her friends and family on occasion. She feels superior and confident when she has a boyfriend and things are going well. Her self worth is unnaturally tied to how she feels in her current relationship. At a quick glance she will appear to be Friend Finder but after a few years of being friends the evidence stacks up against it. There is a lot of drama tied to a friend in this style and can wear out her friends quickly. Some psychology 101 information, people with anxious attachment styles will develop Plus One relationship style.
          cons: hard time finding a good match, confidence tied to relationship       
          don't confuse with: Friend Finder or The Princess or Little Wife

7. The Princess: This is the girl who needs to be doted on by her significant other. She likes being the dominant person in the relationship and dating a more submissive guy. She enjoys the comfort in having a faithful and loyal companion. She will get what she wants from her guys and she knows how to get it. Typical labels guys will slap on The Princess are controlling and 'witch'. However, don't be fooled The Princess can be very irresistible to some guys (from successful guys to bad boys). Every girl can tap into their inner 'princess' attitude from time to time. The key difference is what The Princess wants in a mate. It's easy to spot The Princess when she tows around a man that doesn't have her bark or her bite :)
          pros: She doesn't get her heart broken very often or did in the past and turned into The Princess.
She has control in her relationship
          cons: She misses out on having a relationship with an equal
          example: Regina George from Mean Girls! You know you laughed :) 

8. Little Wife: This girl needs a serious relationship. Once she knows she really likes a particular guy she will try securing him fast. She doesn't like being single but she won't date just anyone. Her boyfriend is her whole life and she tends to have few friends because she spends all her time and effort in her relationships. She's easy to spot as the girl who is more comfortable with guys than with other girls. She is not the most popular with other girls because she never follows the golden rule of friendship 'chicks before dicks'. She has a hard time coping when she is single because she doesn't really fit in girlworld. She's also the girl who quickly will change and morph her hobbies and activities to match her target or current boyfriend.
          pros: Avoids ups and downs in casual dating
          cons: Puts all her eggs in one basket 
          don't confuse her with: Friend Finder or Plus One

*No sources were used in the making of this post except for the images from Yahoo*

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