Friday, June 1, 2012

Do we give Men all the Power?

Gah it's so frustrating, so I had to blog about it to feel better. Some women give the power in the relationship to men so freely. Many women will get really upset by this post, but it's the truth. Today women will date and live with men for years and not get a marriage proposal and then later be dumped for a younger and more attractive version. We have won our rights and our niche in the working world, but are we demanding respect in our relationships as well? 
Women make it too easy for men. Guys are simple creatures and if they can have the milk for free they will never buy the cow. What's worse is women are paranoid not to 'scare off' their men by seeming too eager to make serious commitments. What kind of world do we live in? Women are more worried about not being seen as psycho/crazy/clingly than insist on respect (for whatever stage the relationship is at). 
If a woman doesn't demand respect she will not receive it. The women who do expect to be treated like a goddess are more sought after than women who will be doormats. And the women who bend over backwards for men don't understand why they don't get what they want in return. 
Men are being held up on pedestals by women because they are afraid of being left in the dust for another woman. The options today in our world seem endless, divorce is more common, people have kids out of wedlock, men are accustomed to having multiple partners, and society doesn't hold high moral standards for men anymore. So, I suspect women inherently are more concerned about keeping their men around. But the key to holding a man is having his respect and love. It isn't about being compliant; it's about having balls. 
The sad truth is that jerks treat women poorly because they find success in treating them that way. Women make jerks, jerks are not born. Men respond to what women like. Human behavior is shaped by positive and also negative reinforcement. If all women wanted guys with blue hair every guy in the world would dye their hair blue tomorrow. Why do guys wear tight pants and sing with a girlie voice in front of millions of people? Not because they think it's cool (they do) but because girls respond to it. If every girl were to stop being attracted to rockstars men would pick up on that and do something else. In the middle ages, men wore really long pointy shoes because women believed that it meant their 'members' were longer and thus more attractive. Jersey shore guys spike their hair up and go tanning to get the jersey chicks. Men are biologically programmed to do whatever it takes to get women. And the process of courting hasn't changed much since we swung in trees, we just dress it up a little. 
Congratulations to us, we mold what men do! So, our micro interactions with men in our lives has a cascade effect in how they treat other women. The problems we face with men were either created by old relationships or shaped in childhood/by society. We have more power than we give ourselves credit for. Some of us just don't use it to its full advantage. We can't change men directly but we can change how they treat and interact with us. And if a man refuses to be respectful to a lady then well NEXT

A Woman Every Man Respects
1. Never allow men to date other women when committed
2. Have her equal say from little to big decisions (what toilet paper to buy and where to live)
3. Be proposed to when they are serious for a few years, old enough, and financially secure
4. Talk about where the relationship is heading and set time limits
5. Informs her man when he is out of line or wrong about something
6. Not afraid to voice her opinion on any matter
7. Must be courted !!
8. Requires romance at every stage of the relationship
9. Is treated with respect and reverence 
10. The man puts his lady first, and she in return does the same
11. The man keeps his lady in the loop of all events and decisions once they are serious and committed 
12. Open communication about feelings and emotions
13. Is treated as an equal

*no sources were used in the making of this post, photos from yahoo*

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  1. I totally agree! SELF RESPECT GIRLS!!!:)) GO GIRL POWER.