Saturday, June 30, 2012

History Bootcamp

Visiting important places of history helped put pictures to historical events and feeling into memory. Our journey around England was also a journey through time. The city of Bath was like stepping into the Georgian period. Hampton Court Palace offered a unique look at court life in the Tudor period, 1600s, and 1700s. Jorvick Viking Museum offered an interactive ride through a reconstructed old city of York during the occupation of vikings. The Tower of London gave a glimpse of the sufferings inflicted on those who opposed the crown or ruling power. 
My British experience could also be coined history bootcamp. In our two week 'holiday', as the brits call it, we visited numerous castles, palaces, museums, cathedrals, historic towns/cities, and manors. 
Here is the list of what we accomplished seeing:

The Tower of London     Hampton Court Palace      Stoneacre                     Battle
Westminster Abbey         Changing of the Guard      Ightham Mote              Royal Pavilion
The Queens Gallery        Windsor Castle                  Canterbury Cathedral   Brighton Pier
St. Paul's Cathedral          Eton College                    Dover Castle                Portchester Castle
The British Museum        Leeds Castle                      Rye                              Stonehenge
Roman Bath                    Lacock                            Tintern Abbey              Chepstow Castle
Castle Combe                    Bibury                             Minster Lovell Hall     Oxford
Bourton on the Water        Blenheim palace               Warwick Castle            Stratford Upon Avon
Ludlow                            Stokesey Castle                Little Moreton Hall       Chester
York Minster                   The Treasurer's House     Jorvick Museum            Shrine of Saint Margaret 
Cambridge                       Stamford                          Burford                          Bath
Saffron Walden               Bodiam Castle                  Chichester                     White Cliffs of Dover
Piccadilly Circus             Buckingham Palace          Wye Valley                   Roman Amphitheater 

In following posts I will explore my favorite aspects and interesting observations!

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