Thursday, February 7, 2013

What is Love?

I had a strange thought today that people subscribe to their own love theories. Like in psychology, students are presented with many different theorists all believing they have the magic torch that encompasses all human behavior, disorder, thought, etc. Could people have their own developing or developed theories about what love is? That could help explain why there are so many different relationships in the world. Love has never truly been explained or let alone defined. But maybe that isn't what we should focus on but rather how each of us view love. 
What is wonderful about love is that all people can relate to the symptoms and feelings (jealously, butterflies, euphoria, giggles, light-headness, love blindness). Our anatomy professor tells us that love is just neurotransmitters being dumped into a synaptic cleft and sending a message along the next neuron. No matter what happens on a cellular level, having thoughts and feelings can't just be explained by neurochemistry. Because every individual interprets the message differently on a cognitive level. How a person feels about love, and more importantly, what a person believes about love shapes their life forever. 
But how I felt about love when I was sixteen is totally different to how I feel about love today. Does a person solidify a theory when they get married or does it continue to shift and shape? What about if love fails and a person is left alone? Does that person still believe the same things about love or are things turned on their head? Is love a compilation of all experiences or a focused beam in the present? 

I'm never the blogger to just ramble on without giving lists to sink my teeth in. I thought it would be fun to write down love 'theories' that I witness others subscribing to. 
       Some thoughts
Love is being vulnerable 
Love is when everything seems to shine just a little brighter 
Love is knowing you finally have something you don't want to lose 
Love is waking up and knowing they don't care about your morning breath
Love is somewhere between the bar and the bed
Love is having that one person who knows you completely 
Love is friendship plus bliss
Love is someone who makes you laugh and cry
Love is choosing a person to build a life together with
Love is always finding something new and exciting about each other
Love is intoxicating 
Love is an unspoken connection
Love is what the heart craves and the mind twists with
Love is realizing someone might be smarter than you
Love is seeing no flaws
Love is two people who never give up
Love is picking one and saying no to all others
Love is a partner to explore life with
Love is admitting that life is better with someone else 
Love is delighting in every part of another human being
Love is forgetting how life was without the other person
Love is something that makes us weak enough to enjoy and appreciate life
Love is the vibrations you feel when that person enters the room
Love is trusting that the other one loves you too
Love is not being afraid to be a complete dork
         The other ones
Love is experienced by the young and forgotten by the old
Love is a teenage whim 
Love is not strong enough to hold two people together
Love slowly moves onto another person
Love is lost and then found by someone else
Love is what you feel before you know everything about the person
Love is around long enough to produce more love monkeys 
Love is a dream with no guarantee 
Love is renting a new person every week
Love is a game everyone eventually loses 
Love is something invented by civilizations to keep everyone happy
Love was never meant to last a century
Love pretends to be more than just infatuation 
Love is what we label our primal instincts 
Love is what comes right before the horrible withdrawals 
Love devours years
Love always finds new ways of screwing you over
Love eventually gives up and moves somewhere else
Love finally accepts the cats
Love seems to abandon its strongest believers
Love leans over and whispers 'I'm fake'
Love is what sells products 

Hope my dark humor didn't offend you. What do you think is love?



  1. I agree with you. Love is truly a different definition for everyone.
    Love the terminology you used also. Makes me want to look more into the psychology process, of amorous feelings.

    Nevertheless, Great post.
    Nailah D

    1. Thanks Nailah! Analyzing love is psychology at its best :)