Monday, October 15, 2012

He Likes Me; He Likes Me Not

I'm more of a hit a pan over my head kind of gal when it comes to knowing when a guy likes me or not. Being in the fog of wondering and not knowing is one of the worst parts about being single. Because sometimes interactions aren't black and white and not all dates are how they appear. 90% of the time 'we' overanalyze and read too much into things, but there is the pesky 10% that will make your head spin. 

Analyzing and re-evaluating potential suitors has bridged from a hobby to a full on sport for many of us. I'm one of the most guilty girls when it comes to this head game. When I've tapped all my friends for advice I'll rely on online horoscopes and wish I had the guts to visit a psychic. But maybe if we looked closer at the signs that are clearly there we wouldn't have to keep wondering and guessing. Easier said then done! 

Situations that will make you pluck the petals off of a flower

If you find yourself in one of these dilemmas realize that even a tea leaf won't always know the answer. Here are the 5 situations that almost every girl/guy will experience. 

1. He/she has been a friend for a long time and now you both are single...Are the extra jokes and hugs signs of something more or are you just reading into things

2. He/she is an Ex and has been trying to reconnect...Is the person trying to mend past grievances or trying to hook up with the past

3. You've been set up with a person...Are they being nice or are they interested

4. There was that one night with that particular person...Was it just a symptom of alcohol and temporary availability or a revelation 

5. He/she invites you to parties but never makes a move...Does the person enjoy you as a friend and nothing more or has the person not made their move yet

Things to Pay Attention to

Body language is the key to solving the mystery! But it's not so easy when you have butterflies in your stomach and you're trying to look cool and collected. But being a tad bit more observant may give you the evidence to solve this case once and for all....
Red for Yes and Green for No

A. Does the person look at you a lot even when you aren't talking to them? 

B. Do they talk about themselves more or ask you more questions?

C. Do they initiate communication more or do you initiate?

D. Do they talk about other people they are interested in?

E. Do they smile a lot around you?

F. Do they lean in when you say something?

G. Do they fidget a little in your presence?

H. Do they try to impress you?

I. Do their friends talk up the person to you?

J. Does the person look you in eye?

K. Does the person seem to put a lot of effort in their appearance?

L. Do they appear next to you when the party is wrapping up and its last call?

M. Are they completely comfortable or a little on edge?

N. Is the person not afraid to embarrass himself/herself in front of you?

O. Does the person take notice when the opposite sex approaches you?

If you are still confused then all you can do is play the waiting game. If a person truly likes you they will eventually make it clear. And if they aren't bold enough to show it then they aren't worth it :) 



  1. Odd use of red for yes, green for no. Kind of a mix up of the stoplight signals. But all joking aside, great list. Especially the second one, because getting trapped in the 'friendzone' because the other person just won't look is such a horrible thing.

    1. Yes hate being friendzoned! And i rarely ever use the word hate. It can feel like such a huge insult :(